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New - Exclusive Shofar Man Product


"Odor Free” 14-15 Inch Rams Horn Shofar

This Rams Horn has been Dipped in A Clear High Gloss Finish to give it a
Brilliant Shine and to Eliminate Odor (No Animal Smell)

 Highest Quality Sound!

 Extra Large Easy Play Mouth Piece

 Acrylic Display Stand -  A $11.99 Value 

Embroidered Deluxe Velvet Jerusalem Carry Bag with Draw String -A $19.99 value

 The Shofar Man’s 7 Dvd Set- "The Ministry of the Shofar – A $69.99 Value

 Book – The Shofar and the Voice of God – A $12.99 value

 Book- The Ministry of the Shofar –   A $10 Value    

 When you buy 10 of the above packages, they are only $99 per package for a Total investment of only $990 plus shipping.

 If You sell each package for $199 Your profit on the sale of the 10 packages will be $1000!

 That is a Remarkable profit for a $990 investment! Just Remarkable!!

If you would like to see and inspect the quality of these products before buying all 10 packages, you can purchase
 1 sample package for  $199.00 plus shipping . When you follow through with the purchase of the 10 pack
we will give you a credit of $199 towards it and ship you 9 more packs.

To Hear the Sound Quality of this Ram’s Horn Shofar,
or to Talk with the Shofar Man, Call Jim at 219-762-7589
or email jim@step-by-step.org

1 - "Odor Free” 14-15 Inch Rams Horn Shofar Fundraising Pack

10 - "Odor Free” 14-15 Inch Rams Horn Shofar Fundraising Pack


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