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The Shofar Man is your source for:

Tzitzit, Tzitzis, Techelet, Tzizit, Jewish Tzitzit, Tekhelet, Prayer Shawl fringe, Tallit fringes, Prayer Shawl tassels, Tallitzzitzit, Techelet Tzitzit, Buy Tzitzit, A Zzitzit, Tzitzit Txing, Tie Tzitzit, And Tzitzit, Of Tzitzit, The Tzitzit, Tzitzit How, Tsitsit, Tzit Tzit and much much more.

Thick Hand-Made Wool Tzitzit - Tzitzis (TZITTAYK)

  Thin Hand-Made Wool Tzitzit - Tzitzis (TZITTAY)

  Medium Machine-Made Wool Tzitzit - Tzitzis (TZITTKSM)

  Heavyweight Original Blue Tzitzit Tekhelet - Techelet (TEKHTAYTCK)

Blue Jean Tzitzit- Techelet - Tekhelet (TZITJEAN)

  Lightweight Tzitzit Original Blue Tekhelet -- Tekhelet (TEKHTAYTC)

  Lightweight Man-Made Tzitzit - Tekhelet - Tekhelet (TEKHTAYTCM)


We carry five grades of Tzitzit, man-made Tekhelet, and the original blue Tekhelet.  Our Tzitzit and Tekhelet include enough loose strings to do 4 corners.

We can not help you with tying them.  No returns on Tzizit or Tekhelet.

The original blue tekhelet are made from a dye produced from a snail.  In all the world, there is only one company that makes this dye.  This company is the only source to get the original snail-dyed tekhelet.  It is normal for this dye to rub off on your hands when you tie the threads.  The die can also come off on the corners of the garment as you tie the threads.  In some cases, the tekhelet dye can rub off onto the garment itself.  In some batches of tekhelet, the dye will rub off more easily than in other batches.  In some batches of tekhelet, the dye will barely rub off at all.  Each batch is different, and this is the nature of the product.  If you are not concerned with your tekhelet having the original snail dye, we have the man-made blue tekhelet that will not rub off or stain.


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