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The Shofar came in last night and it is a beautiful horn!
Thank you so much! I am sure I will be a repeat customer in the future. 

Be blessed!

Dec 12 ,2015

Just received my Shofar and Tallit and other items today. I am very happy and they are Awesome.....

Thank you for your calling and the fair price that you gave me...

I will continue to do business with you and recommend you to others..

Todah Rabah and Baruch Hashem



As I held my new Shofar in my hands an anointing fell over me accompanied by wave after wave of chills. I could feel a powerful presence of God.

Hi Jim -

The shofar arrived today. It sounds great by itself - I have not been home to sound it together with the song. I have discovered that I can get quite a few tones on it so I suspect it will work fine.
Thanks again for your great service and the time you took with me.
Maybe once the roof is finished and I've had a few months to recover a little of that expense I will consider getting one of the bigger horns.
I will recommend you to anyone who is looking for a shofar.
By the way - are there any particular "do's and don'ts" in the care of this rams horn?

Thanks again -
God bless you !

Hi Shofarman,

     For the past several years my sister has been purchasing gifts for me that have a strong spiritual significance. The gifts are never random and are only purchased after she has spent time seeking God.  This year God whispered something very different into her spirit: SHOFAR.  She was rather shocked and eventually called me to ask if this type of gift made any sense to me or if I would actually like to have one. I knew very little about the instrument but instantly felt confirmation in my spirit. I told her that I didn't know exactly what I would do with it but that I felt that God wanted me to have it.

     When the Yemenite Shofar arrived, I simply held it as I looked over the lettering on the blue velvet shofar bag. AN ANOINTING FELL OVER ME ACCOMPANIED BY WAVE AFTER WAVE OF CHILLS.  The next morning my family and I prayed over the Shofar moments before I left on my journey back to DC from their house in Missouri.

     At the airport in St. Louis I was actually stopped by 3 different people who simply wanted me to take the Shofar out of the bag and let them hold it!  Two of the people were women behind the 'check in' desk at the American Airlines counter.  It turned out that they were Jewish, recognized the shofar bag.  One of the ladies actually began to translate the writing on the side of the bag for me. A little bit later I was told by security that I would not likely make it through the x-ray check and would likely have to have it shipped.  Being short of time I gave it a try anyway; praying while I watched it go through the security check and x-ray machine.  During the process, one of the security women pulled the instrument off the conveyor belt and carried it over to me.  I thought she was going to tell me that it couldn't go through and that I would have to find a way to have it shipped to my house in DC.  To my surprise, she gently handed it over to me telling me that she was only concerned that it would get damaged on the conveyor belt and wanted to personally carry it over to ensure it's safety!  That was 'Favor'.  Another woman behind me recognized the Shofar and started telling me how people in her church in Texas had been released while the Shofar was being blown.  She also asked me if I would take it out of the bag and let her hold it.  ONCE AGAIN I COULD FEEL A POWERFUL PRESENCE OF GOD. 

     It truly is a beautiful and anointed instrument.  I can't wait to see why God brought it into 'my' life!

In His care,


For more information about the Shofarman's shofar described in the above testimony click here




I got home this evening from a prayer event with my missionary training (by the way, you will find it on the web and on FB by typing in IMPACT 195) and was pleased to find a large package at my doorstep. I eagerly opened it up...I am totally thrilled with this beautiful shofar!
I haven't put a trumpet to my lips for at least 50 years,...I lifted it up...placed it to my lips and blew three of the most perfect and beautiful notes I have ever produced! They were so perfect it scared me!..so I prayed to God in humility asking that He bless me in that way each time I put this to my lips in His praise....I lifted it, and once again crystal pure notes rang out! I don't have words to express how much I thank you for placing this instrument into my hands.
I am overwhelmed with all of the material you placed in with the order!...I will make time for all of it at some time..so Thank You for including it! The very first things I want to look at are the traditional notes that are played on the shofar..the traditional calls.
The reason for all of this was to honor God and to be an exhortation to my fellow mission trainees....thanks to your caring selection I am sure that this goal is met...may God Bless You!
Eric S


April 5, 2012

Hi Br. Jim, was wondering if you plan to do any church services here in Mass. this year. I would love to have the opportunity to attend one. I just want you to know that you have been a blessing to me . You prayed over me for the impartation and God is doing a mighty work in our church. We now have 14 shofar blowers and I am giving lessons on how to blow the shofar for any one who asks. God is also sending us out to other churches to sound the alarm. The Church has been a sleeping Giant for to long. We know God is raising up" Watchman" for such a time as this. I thank God for you and I will continue to pray for you and your ministry. God Bless and Shalom. Br. Cesar

April 11, 2012

Hi Jim,

I bought a shofar from you and have been using it to praise God.  Check out YouTube and look up (Shofar-Soldier)- the same way I typed it.  You will see me in a camouflage uniform blowing my rams horn.  Read the full caption below the video before you watch it.

Your Brother in Christ,


January 26, 2013

Hi Jim,

I just thought I would let you know that I received my Shofars, which is a lot quicker then I ever expected. :-)

I woke up on Jan. 22/13 from my sleep to go into another night to work at the hospital, and my wife laid beside me a huge, long box. I was coming out of my sleep, so at first I thought it was a Christmas tree or something that she wanted me to put up (Christmas is over and I must have been very sleepy haha). She told me that she had a very hard time trying not to tell me that my Shofars had arrived that morning. I was grinning from ear to ear and so was she. It was a lovely surprise.

I pulled them out and the info. and DVD's you sent me and I was rather shocked as the amount you sent and by that I am truly grateful. I will have to go through them more closer cause it looks like some are for evangelism purposes which I'm excited about as my heart is for the lost and to see the Church encouraged.

I tried the Shofars out and they sound amazing and not to mention the look of them. They both match with that dark, rich, natural look and feel to them. I am looking forward to learn more about the Shofar and how to use it as a weapon against the enemy like Gideon and like Joshua to break down the dark spiritual walls, and to use it in intercession and to bring healing to many as they hear the sound.

I just wanted to say thank you again for taking the time to listen to my heart and respond as you did. I am very glad the LORD led me to your website.

I am currently watching Part 1 of your DVDs and it's something that is truly inspiring me and can't wait to watch them all and read your books. I will probably call you, after I go through them, and ask you to pray over me.

May the LORD bless and keep you and your family as you continue to make HIS Name famous throughout the earth, as you blow the Shofar.

- Benjamin

January 26, 2013

Good morning Brother Jim

I talked to the people in Detroit who gave Pastor Aramis the shofar we purchased from The Shofarman . They presented it to him in service last Sunday. When it was handed to him, the Holy Spirit came down so powerfully that he was immediately slain in the Spirit! Praise God...Aramis will not take the shofar lightly! On Monday we had a prophetic team pray and prophesy over our core team going to Detroit. The very first thing that they got was that the shofar will be an extremely significant part of our assignment in Detroit. God showed me that when we do our 3 mile prayer walk from North to South and the 3 mile prayer walk from East to West, Doug and I will be in front of the procession with the shofars and Aramis will be the point man in front of us with his shofar. Detroit is his home town and he is to be the lead watchman. I love the way God orchestrates to bring all the pieces together in His time and His place.

In His service,


February 18, 2013

Wow and Shalom!

We did not get any mail today because it was Presidentís Day, and I did not expect to get the Shofar today, but God is full of wonderful surprises! Not only is the Shofar Picture Perfect, it is also Sound Perfect, which is great for someone who had not taken music lessons on a wind instrument. There is a prominent ridge that runs along the side of the Shofar to give it a superior sound, and it has such a wonderful large bell to make that awesome sound. The colors are just beautiful, especially in certain light.

May God continue to richly bless you, your family, friends, and ministry.

Much love, Kathy

March 5, 2013

Hi Jim,
As you know the shofar that I received from you came to me damaged. I felt really disappointed but you took care of it. You sent me a replacement and told me to keep the broken one and bless someone with it. I fixed it the way you told me to. I began to pray about who the Lord would have me bless with it. You see the shofar is for our church and we just stared blowing them in service. Well the Lord gave me a name of a young man in the church to give it to. He has never blown a shofar before but he was very excited and anxious. I had him and his parents come in and discussed the seriousness and commitment that came with it.. Not only did he start blowing but his father did too. Both of them are very quiet and reserved but this just opened them right up. His parents are now looking for one to buy. Soon our church will have four shofars blowing. We went from one to four in a couple of months. The sound of the shofars blowing in our church is awesome.

Thanks Jim God Bless.
Robert from Dexter, Iowa

May 19, 2013

Jim;  the rams horn arrived Friday night.  Thank you Lord Jesus. 

I prayed over it, annointed it according to the Holy Spirit's instruction and put it to my lips. 

All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Father has shown me a vision of some of what He wants me to use these Spiritural Weapons for.  I am amazed and humbled by HIm.  He truly is the God of Angel Armies. 

The great I AM has truly blessed you and annointed you.  Hear His Voice and seek HIs face.  I am His humble servant and available at any time as He directs. 

May He truly bless you and keep you, may His Face shine upon you and may He give you Peace. 

His Bondservant


PS  I have listen to more of the CD's you have sent.  The Lord spoke to me very specificly about something that I am going to forward on to you in the next day or so.  It is in written in my journal and I need to type it into the computer and put on my website as well.  However, I will send it in the next couple of days.  God Bless

August 28, 2013

I love my Shofar it's beautiful. I wanted to share my testimony with you.

 I was led by the Holy Ghost to get a shofar about two weeks ago so I started searching for a shofar.  I searched on several websites to buy a shofar; then I came to your website and you gave information on how to buy a shofar the information was very helpful.  Gained with the knowledge you supplied I went out searching for a shofar; later in the week while in prayer the Holy Ghost told me  to get my shofar from you.  

I received my shofar on Friday, August 23rd; once I received it I tried really hard to learn how to use it. I started to get upset because I didnít know how to blow the shofar.  The enemy started talking and said see you spent money and you donít know how to use it, you could have spent that money on something else I started to feel a little down. 

Later that night I goggled how to blow a shofar and learned within a few minutes how to blow the shofar. The next morning the Holy Ghost started teaching me how to play the shofar, he said ďRelax and allow me to take controlĒ and so I did.  I have never played any kind of musical instrument before in my life especially not a shofar.  I want you to know not only can I play the shofar but Iím making music with it.

I want to say to you keep doing what youíre doing. Thank you and God Bless you


Kim Hayes 

Just wanted you to know I received my shofar and carry bag from you Friday afternoon.  It is exactly what I wanted and it is just beautiful and sounds so good.   Jim I just want to say thank you so much for your help and expertise.  I didn't know a lot about what I needed to know but you did. I'm new at this but have felt led by God to obey Him and learn how to sound the shofar. I couldn't be more pleased.  It brought me to tears and my heart is so full.  And thank you so much for the books, tapes, and other extras.  I've already read both books.  They are so moving and I can't wait to give the rest out to others.   I'm telling everyone in our Messianic congregation about your Gideon's Army of Shofars around the world.  We have several shofar blowers in our group and I know they will be as excited as I am about this.  I feel so blessed and I just want to bless others and give all praise and glory to Him who has given so much to me.  I watch the Dvd's this week and call you when I finish.  I'm so humbled that you will pray for me and anoint me to blow this beautiful, soul-stirring shofar  according to His leading, and I will obey.  It's all about obedience as you said.   I am so grateful. 

Shalom Alecheim,
Betty Jo

 For Zion's sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem's sake I will not remain quiet, till her righteousness shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch. Isa 62:1

Hello Jim,

I just wanted to let you know that the Shofar that I purchased for you plays and sounds very well. 

I recently sounded the Shofar at the church where I worship and hear GOD's word, and the Saints of God were blessed by it.

So, I want to thank-you for your service/calling to make quality Shofars available for purchase.

A sincere and resounding Thank-You!

A customer from North of the border,


Daniel Buttrill

My shofar it is truly anointed!

Jim , thank you for my Shofar. You named it the blood. When I got it I was just setting and looking at it, I was just in aw of what I was looking at. I noticed that there was a spot on the bell of it that look just like a spot of blood. Then I got to looking at the ribs on it and at each rib it looked like a stripe, so I started counting them. No matter how many times I counted them, the number always came out to 39 of these stripes. WOW I thank God for a truly wonderful Shofar. When I blow it people say they can really feel the anointing of it. Thank You.    Can you tell me what it says on my Shofar bag?

 Thank You
  Sonny Dooley

The SHOFARMAN does not disappoint. I was praying on where and how to purchase a SHOFAR. I wanted the Lion of the Tribe of JUDAH one . But one of the sermons Jim spoke on. It is not what you want.  What does God and the Holy Spirit want. I prayed and the BEST COMBO SHOFAR 23" Ram Horn & 45"-46" Yemenite Shofar Set also came with the Velvet bags and 6 dvd set. I am amazed at how many books, fliers and other witnessing tools The SHOFARMAN provides. I am truly blessed. Thank you for your obedience.. I got back from  vacation and the box was shipped to my work place. I opened the box and there were so many goodies.  I could not BLOW either the Rams horn Nor the Yemenite SHOFAR. I knelt on my knees and asked God to anoint me. As I began to practice and get acquainted with my Shofars. I was able to blow each one in its time. Not bad for just one hour of practice. The Horns are alive to me when I blow them. The sounds are from the Spirit of God. I am grateful for the calling and the much needed support. I look forward to our new found partnership and one day The SHOFARMAN will visit the Bay Area California region.

Joel David
794 Davis St. San Leandro CA. 94577
Desk 510-446-3027
Fax 510-297-7839
Blessingsí Bro. Jim:

I  want to thank you for my beautiful shofar, God knew how I want it to be., it is my present from Him.   I praise  Him , The Great I am, and Only True God. Amen,  We had very bad weather here (storm)  and it arrived two hours ago. I start reading your books   and play  the shofar  giving Glory to Adoni.  Thanks again  for such a perfect service , I bless you. your ministry and family. If we donít meet here on earth we will do it in heaven, Praise God!!!! 


 Daisy Nazario

Hello Jim,

I wanted to write and say how happy I am with the Giant 30 inch Rams Horn, I got from you.  It's beautiful with a great sound.  I'm still learning to blow the shofar, I've learned to blast it by practicing at Mt. Carmel National Park on the trails here in Israel.  Looking forward to learning to play it, as there are many opportunities here in Israel to sound the horn , there were lots of blast going on during Sukkot.  Thank you very much for all the books and materials you sent, as well as the bag. I am blessed by them as will others be, as I disperse some as the Lord leads.  As you know there are lots of shofars for sale here, conferences and events, locations, etc ....I just loooooove mine!!   A friend called it a Prince's Shofar.  I'm still not finished with the 7 DVDs, I usually watch / listen to sermons several times over. 

Ill be I touch ...perhaps I'll run into you here ..



Hello Jim,
I have all received and shofar arrived safely.

I already tried it and I like it, very good bass note and volume. I am very pleased  with the precision of the notes and also the sound / notes stays clear, a bit breaking away with my other one. Also thank you for the material and all information you sent with the shofar. I will distribute it to friends.

Have a blessed weekend

Shabbat shalom

Dear Jim and Carla,

The shofar I ordered arrived yesterday afternoon, and I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it. I am very impressed by how meticulously it has been cleaned and the finish on it, and I love the coloration of the ram's horn - it is beautiful. Thank you for choosing that one for me! I am grateful for all of the materials that were included. I am realizing there is much to learn. I've finished reading The Shofar and the Voice of God and am part way through The Ministry of the Shofar, and once I finish that, I will start on the DVDs.

Blessings to you,


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