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27 Inch Through the Fire Shofar


Round Mouth  - 27 Inch Through the Fire Shofar



We call this 27" Beautifully Twisted Shofar
"Round Mouth - Through The Fire"

When this Shofar is Sounded, I hear the Cry, the Travail of a Father's Heart for His Lost Sons and Daughters.  The Sound of this Voice can literally Drive a Person to their Knees.  Enormous Size, Beautiful Twists and Awesome Voice make this Shofar a Rare One of a Kind!  There are very few horns this big with unique twists, a great voice and Fire Markings.  This is the biggest twisted ram horn we have ever had with a Round Mouth Piece and rare Fire Markings. Give us a call to hear it - It May Knock You Off Your Feet!  219-762-7589.

The Round Mouthpiece Makes This Shofar  Very, Very Easy to Play. 

Many people who blow yemenite shofars will often struggle to blow a rams horn because they are used
to the big round mouthpiece on a yemenite and not the oblong or football shape of most rams horn. 
This makes it hard for some shofar sounders to go back and forth between the 2 different shaped mouthpieces. 
With the very large round mouth piece found on this huge 27" rams horn, it is very easy to switch back and forth
between a yemenite and this rams horn. 
This is the only 27 inch rams horn we have had with an almost round mouth piece as big as a yemenites.
The sound of this ram horn is excellent.  You will want to call to hear it. 219-762-7589

$ 2977 - #RAM27FIRE

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27" Through the Fire Shofar




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