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11-14" Rams Horn Pocket Shofars
11- 26" Lowest Price Rams Horns
12-26" Ram Horn Shofars Packages
12"-27" Odor Free Ram Horn
13-27" RARE Ram Horn - Rams Horn
14-26" Rare Black Rams Horn Shofar
14-28" Exotic Shofars
15-26" Ultimate Ram Horns
15-27" Christian Ram Horn Package
16-25" Rare Green Ram Horn
16-26" Fire Ram Horn Shofar
17" Ashkenazi Rams Shofar
18-24" Twin Rams Horn Shofar
19-23" Professional Rams Horn
20" Ram & 45" Yemenite Odor Free Combo
21-26" King Ram Horn Shofar
22" Round Mouth Ram Horn
22" Unusually Shaped Rams Horn
22-26" Ram Shofar Mans Pick
23" Long Neck Rainbow Rams Horn
23" Rare Gray/Silver Ram Horn
20-24" Rainbow Rams Horn
22-23" Ram Horn Special Offer
23" Ram & 45-46" Yemenite Special Offer
23-27" Uniquely Twisted Rams Horns
23" Zebra Striped Rams Horn
24-29" Professional Rams Horn Shofar
24" Big-Big-Big Ram Horn
24" Big Mouth Rams Horn
24" Cobra Rams Horn
25" The Lion's Roar Rams Horn
26" Ultimate Warrior Ram Horn
25" Unique Screamer Ram Horn
26" Man of War Rams Horn
26" Matching Rams Horn Set
27" Bass Note Ram Horn
26" Battle Cry Rams Horn
27" Gideon Ram Horn Shofar
27" Through the Fire Shofar
28.5" Monster Aoudad Rams Horn
28" Giant Rams Horn Shofar
29.50" Count Basie Rams Horn Shofar
30-39" Gemsbok Shofars
31" Gigantic Grand Daddy Ram Horn Shofar
36-48" Twin Professional Yemenite
37" Uniquely Twisted Yemenite Shofar
43-47" Natural Twin Yemenite Shofar
38-49" Natural Shofar
38-49" Half Polished Half Natural Shofar
38-52" Shofar Carrying Sling
39- 51" Lowest Priced Yemenite Shofars
40"-51" Yemenite Shofar Packages
40-48" Leather Wrapped Star of David Shofar
41-43" Suitcase Yemenite Shofar
41-50" Collector Shofar
42" Trumpet Dream Shofar
42-46" Sterling Silver Yemenites
43" Blonde Rare Yemenite Shofar
43-48" Leather Wrapped Jerusalem Shofar
43-49" Silver Scenes of Jerusalem
43"-49" Trombone Players Shofar
43-47" Trumpet Players Shofar
48-53" Trumpet Players Shofar
43-49" Lion of Judah Yemenite Shofar
44-46" Easy Play Natural Trumpet Shofar
44" Rare Triple Twist Yemenite

45" Golden Olive Yemenite Shofar
45- 46 Matching Yemenite Shofar Sets
45-46" Rare Orange Yemenite Shofar
45" Reverse Half & Half Yemenite

45-46" Zebra/Tiger Striped Shofar
45-48" Odorless Semi Professional Plus Shofar
45-48" Tribe of Judah Silver Shofar
45-46" Yemenite Shofar Special Offer
45" Semi Finished Hunters Camouflage Shofar
45-54" Professional Yemenite Shofar
46-54" Base Note Yemenite Shofars
46" Big Belled Yemenite
46" Man of War Shofar
46-54" Professional Plus Yemenite Shofar
46" Rare Half & Half Spiral Yemenite
47" Rare Blood & Stripes Shofar
43-49" Pray for the Peace Yemenite Shofar
43-49" Jerusalem-Temple-Wailing Wall Shofar
48" Rare Black/Brown Yemenite Shofar
48" Scalloped Professional Series Yemenite
49" Christian Yemenite Shofar
49" Leather Jerusalem Shofar
49-51" Messianic Yemenite Shofar
49" Silver Six Scenes of Jerusalem Yemenite
49" Tribe of Judah Silver Yemenite Shofar
50" Christian Professional Plus Yemenite
50" Fully Polished Yemenite Shofar
50" The General Shofar
50" Half & Half Yemenite Shofar
40-50" Rare Green Yemenite Shofar
51" Bass Note Yemenite Shofar
51" Natural Professional Yementie Shofar
51" Shalom Shofar Peace Maker
51" Rare Crimson King Yemenite
51" Star of David Leather Shofar
51" Ten Commandments Shofar
51" Unique Marble Shofar
52" Natural Yemenite Shofar
53" The Final Trump Yemenite Shofar
54" Rare Gigantic Monster Shofar
Acrylic Tallit
Anointing Shofars
Antique Synagogue Tallit
Arise Shine Prayer Shawl
Aviv Moadim Tallit
Bar Mitzvah Tallit
Bat Mitzvah Tallit
Black Tallit
Blow the Shofar Tallit
Blue Tallit
Books - Jewish Books- 50% OFF
Carmel Tallit
Chai Tallit
Chanukah & Shabbat Candles- 50% OFF

Christian Prayer Shawls
Christian Prayer Shawl 24"
Chuppah Tallit - Huppah
Crown of Thorns
Customer Comments
DVD's / CD's
El Ministerio De El Shofar El Libra
Electric Menorahs
Emanuel Jewish Gift - 20% Off Gifts
Emanuel Tallit
Flames of Pentecost Tallit
Fundraisier / Business Opportunity
Gabrieli Tallit
Gabrieli Tallit Gift Pack
Gideon's Army-Shofars Around the World
Gifts- 50% OFF
Gold Tallits
Gold Professional Series Temple Trumpet
Gold Tone Temple Trumpet
Green Tallit
Hanukkah Gifts By Emanuel
Havdalah Set - Sets
Historic Moment in Time
Holy Ghost and Fire Prayer Shawl
Israel Flag - Flags
Jerusalem Tallit
Jewish Art By Emanuel
Jewish Tallit - Hebrew Tallit
Joseph's Coat Tallit
Judaica By Artist Emanuel
Kastel Tallit
Kippah- Kippot Knit Variety Pack
Kippah- Kippot Satin Variety Pack 1
Kippah - Kippot - Yarmulke
Layaway Plans
Leather Shofar Carrying Sling
Lowest Priced Prayer Shawl & Bag
Matriarchs Tallit
Menorah Candles
-The Menorah - 20% OFF
Messianic Prayer Shawls
Mezuzah - Mezzuzah - Mezuzahs
Miriam And Devorah Tallit
Mishkan Hatchelet Tallit
Shofar and the Voice of God Book

Painted Shofars
Paz Jerusalem Tallit
Pink Tallit
Poly Noy Tallit
Poncho Style Robe Tallit
Praise Flags - Worship Flags

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem Prayer Shawl
Prayer Shawl Scarf
Prayer Shawl - Tallit
Prophet Isaiah Tallit
Purple Tallit
Raw Silk Tallit - Lowest Prices
Red Tallit
Return of Christ Silk Praise Flag
Scarf - Silk Scarves
Shabbat Candlesticks
Shivat Haminim / Seven Species Tallit

Shofars - Bulk Quantity Discount / Wholesale
Shofar Bags - Rams Horns
Shofar Bags - Yemenite
Shofar Book Online - English

Shofar Book Online - Spanish
Shofar Call to the Nations Silk Flag
Shofar Calling
Shofar DVD
Shofar Man Prayer Shawl
Shofar Stand
Shofars- Special Packages
Shofars Tallit
Shofars Tallit Huge 55 inch
Shofar Teaching DVD's - Sermon Notes
Shofar Teaching  Part 1 - FREE
Shofar Questions
Shoham Tallit
Silk Tallit
Silk Jerusalem Tallit
Silver Tallit
Silver Temple Trumpet Professional Series
Sounds of the Shofar CD
Spanish Prayer Shawls
Standard Ram Horn Shofar
Standard Yemenite Shofar Package
Star of David Tallit
Talitnia Tallit
Tallit - Prayer Shawls Facts
Tallits - Prayer Shawls
Tallit Gadol - Large Tallit
Tallit Bag - Tallis Bag
Tallit Clips - Tallis Clips
Tallit Teaching DVD
Temple Trumpet - Silver Trumpet
The Shofar Man
Tips on Buying a Shofar
Tzitzit - Tekhelet
Torah - Torahs- 50% OFF
Trumpet Mouthpiece
Wedding Chuppah Tallit
White Tallit
Women Tallit
Wool Tallit - Kosher Tallit
Worship Shofar
YouTube Brazen Alter Videos

YouTube High Priest Videos
YouTube Menorah Videos
YouTube Praise Flags Videos
YouTube Prayer Shawl Videos
YouTube Prayer Shawls Video
YouTube Shofar Video 1 to 6

YouTube Shofars Video 7 to 12
YouTube Shofars Videos 13 to 18
YouTube Tabernacle Furniture Videos
YouTube Tallit Video
YouTube Tallits Videos
YouTube Tradition Shofar Blasts

YouTube Worship Dance Videos


Hanukkah Menorahs Wholesale
Kippah - Kippot Wholesale
Menorah - Menorahs Wholesale
Praise Flags - Wholesale
Prayer Shawls - Bulk Discount / Wholesale
Shofars - Bulk Quantity Discount / Wholesale
Shofar Stand Wholesale
Tallit Bag - Tallis Bag Wholesale
Tallit Clips - Tallis Clips Wholesale
Yemenite Shofar Bag Wholesale






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The Shofar Man is a Family Owned Business since 1997

The Shofar Man takes pride in our High Percentage of Repeat Customers!

We believe our Customer Loyalty stems from treating people with Respect, Honesty, Integrity
and Doing Everything with a Spirit of Excellence!

"The Shofar Man is more than a business, it is a calling!!

Are you being Called to Sound the Shofar?

The Shofar Manís Highest Quality, Exceptional Sounding,
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100% Kosher Shofar direct from Israel with low Shofar pricing and fast USA shipping.
At The Shofar Man, we have many different unique kinds of Shofars for sale, and when you buy a
Shofar, there is no need to wait two or three weeks for your Rams Horn Shofar to be delivered. 
We normally ship your Jewish Shofar the same day, and can normally deliver your Jewish Shofar in three to five business days.
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Customer Service

Customer service representatives available Monday through Friday 9:00 am - 9:00pm CST.
Orders ship Monday through Friday.  Cut-Off time for shipping is 12:00pm CST.

For questions or to place an order, call (219) 762-7589.  Be sure to have the item number of each product when placing your order by phone or email. 

Email:  shofarorders@gmail.com

 Many customers choose the Shofar Man for 2 simple but very important reasons.
4We answer the phone.
4We return calls.

The Shofar Man was birthed during a trip to Israel in 1996.  This occurred when Jim and Carla Barbarossa visited the Holy Land.  While Jim and Carla were shopping in the City of Jerusalem, they heard a Shofar Sound and Jim purchased a Giant Yemenite Shofar to bring home.  To Jim's surprise, G-d spoke to him to blow the Shofar as He would lead him.  In October 1996, Carla had a dream that she was pregnant, and Jim was taking her to the hospital in a small car.  Jim reached under the seat and pulled out a Jumbo Yemenite Shofar and said, "I will blow this during the birthing process.  During that same month, Jim and Carla went to Africa with the Shofar in hand.  Jim blew the Shofar as G-d directed, and deliverances, healings, and miracles followed.  Since then, Jim has been Shofar blowing and  teaching nationally and internationally on the Ancient Hebrew Instrument of Praise, Worship, and Warfare the Jewish Shofar.  During these teachings, Jim was tagged with the nickname "The Shofar Man." 

Today, The Shofar Man is a retail and wholesale supplier of Yemenite Shofars, Rams Horn Shofars, gemsbock shofars, exotic shofars, twin shofars, anointing shofars, water buck shofars, roan antelope shofars, Texas dall shofars, oryx shofars, blesbok shofars, bushbuck shofars, eland shofars, impala shofars, sitatanga shofars, nyala shofars, pronghorn shofars, big horn sheep shofars, aoudad shofars and springbok shofars,  as well as Tallit (Prayer Shawl) and a full line of Judaica products.  All Shofar are imported directly from Israel, where Shofar are handcrafted to meet all Kosher  Rams horn Shofar standards. To buy Shofar keep in mind all Shofar sounds are not the same. Shofar Man exceptional sound Shofar have a very distinct, clear, crisp Shofar sound.  During January 2000, Jim wrote a book about Shofar Horns, Shofar Sounds, Shofar Blowing, Yemenite Shofar and Rams Horn Shofar called "The Ministry of the Shofar". The Shofar book is available in English and as El Shofar in Spanish.

The following are a couple of scripture references found in the book about the Shofar:

"And the sons of Aaron, the priests, shall blow the trumpets; and they shall be to you for an ordinance forever throughout your generations.
 And if ye go to war in your land against the enemy that oppresseth you, then ye shall blow an alarm with the trumpets; and ye shall be remembered before the L-rd your G-d; and ye shall be saved from your enemies." (Numbers 10:8-9)

"And when the voice of the trumpet sounded long, and waxed louder and louder, Moses spake, and G-d answered him by a voice."  (Exodus 19:19)


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